Focus group discussion, Marsabit county, Kenya.
Group interview with water association, Marsabit, Kenya.
Water point in Tahoua, Niger.
Fieldwork with women collecting water, Tahoua, Niger.

I research how disaster risks are governed and how those governance structures can be improved.  I’m currently working at the RAND Corporation as an Associate Social/Behavioral scientist, and was previously a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University. I have a PhD in humanitarian action from University College Dublin and have conducted disaster research in 12 developing and developed countries. My interests include community resilience, natural hazards, standards and regulations, network analysis and systems theory, critical infrastructure protection, cybersecurity, disaster recovery, science and technology studies, and risk cascades and interdependencies. My research is both policy oriented and academic, and I’ve also been on the practitioner side of disaster management as a disaster risk reduction documentation officer for Concern Worldwide, a large international NGO, a wildland firefighter for across the western US, and as a hurricane rebuilding volunteer in New Orleans.