World Affairs Council Peninsula Chapter talk: Cybersecurity While Keeping the Lights On

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Dan Boneh, a Stanford professor focused on cybersecurity, and I gave a talk on cybersecurity and the electric grid for the Peninsula Chapter of the World Affairs Council.  Dan presented on industrial control system cybersecurity, and I focused on the electric grid and its cybersecurity regulations. Around 100 people, mostly non-experts, attended the talk.  Since most attendees did not have backgrounds in cybersecurity, disaster management, or the electric grid, I tried to provide a big picture overview of the problem and mainly focused on how a mixture of cybersecurity and non-cybersecurity measures could build the resilience of the electric grid. My slides are available here: world-affairs-regulations-resilience-electric-grid

One of the issues I discussed was the fact that electric grid cybersecurity is a jurisdictional nightmare, with risks spilling over into the jurisdictions of PUCs, utilities, congress, the president, state legislators, and the Canadian government:

Jurisdictional issues and the cybersecurity of the electric grid

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